Tapioca starch

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Native tapioca starch is the powder derived from fresh cassava/tapioca roots. Cassava is also known as Mandioca (South America), Manioc (Africa) or Yuca (Spanish).

Tapioca currently represents one of the most popular feed stocks for starch production. Compared to other starches, tapioca starch is easily extracted using a simple process that can be accomplished on a small scale with limited capital. It offers a relatively cheap source of raw material containing a high concentration of starch that can match properties offered by other raw materials. In addition, cassava starch also has superior thickening characteristics, neutral taste, excellent textural characteristics and a high level of purity due to the low amount of proteins and lipids found in cassava roots. Besides this, it also has many notable characteristics which include high paste viscosity, high paste clarity and high freeze-thaw stability. Owing to all these attributes, the use of cassava starch has risen significantly and currently finds its applications in food & beverages, sweeteners, fuel, drilling fluids, adhesives, pet food and paper making.

We warehouse the Tapioca starches throughout the EU. Available for prompt delivery from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Saint Helens in the UK and Bari in Italy.

Available in Native, Organic and Modified

We only work with qualified factories. If you would like to receive a sample, let us know so you can conduct your own test. It comes with the corresponding certificate of analysis, including product specifications / country of origin / shelf life / storage conditions.

  • Appearance: white powder
  • Non GMO, gluten free, allergen free
  • Available in 25 KG bags and big bags
  • Shelf life: 24 months